Girl’s Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Whether on land or water everyone knows not to cross this gypsy pirate girl. The Perfect costume for Halloween or Renaissance fairs.

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The gypsy and the pirate, they aren’t the same thing and yet they’re related and would probably get along together well. A pirate is like a cheesecake, rich and dangerous while still remaining popular with the masses. A gypsy is like a flourless chocolate cake, dense and flavorful, rare and mysterious. Both cakes have a similar texture, they might even have similar ingredients but they serve a different audience. Cheesecake can be served to children at a brunch while a flourless chocolate cake should be served on a rainy night with a glass of red wine. You may have never compared pirates and gypsies with cake before but just roll with it. Here’s the thing. You can have your proverbial cake and metaphorically eat it too. Why not layer that chocolate cake and cheesecake together? It would be rich and intense, an experience no one would soon forget. Much like a gypsies first voyage on a pirate ship. Once the gypsy left her caravan behind got her sea legs it wouldn’t take her long to be making that climb to the crow’s nest, looking out for oncoming ships. You can be sure her tambourine would keep spirits on deck high and once she got her piece of eight she’d know how to keep her treasure safe. You don’t have to use a tarot deck to predict that this unique combination will start a trend. When your daughter simply can’t decide between gypsy or pirate this Halloween say what every kid has always wanted to hear when it comes to both costumes and dessert, “Well, Captain, you can have both!”