Girl’s Ninja Weapon Accessory Kit – Size: ST – Plastic


Supply your little ninja with the weapons she needs to take down her enemies with this Girl’s Ninja Weapon Accessory Kit. This kit includes toy katanas, ninja stars and throwing knives.

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Being a Ninja is not something we take lightly. And nor should you. But if your girl has her sights set on learning the ins-and-outs of for-serious, real-deal ninjitsu, we’re going to have to fast track her on her journey. Before long, she’s going to be the ultimate ninja warrior, and she’s going to be taking on all kinds of villains. So we need to make sure that she has the right equipment to battle!You can complete her girl’s ninja costume with this detailed weapon accessory kit, and she’ll be ready for a showdown. She can carry the two katana swords in their sheaths on her back while she puts the other weapons in a carry-all ninja bag. And when the bad guys show up, she’ll be able to use the daggers and ninja stars battle the new threat. (All in an imaginary way, but it’s fun to pretend, right!?)This exclusive ninja set is made and designed by us right here at With the signature pink handle wrap, it works with a variety of ninja costumes for girls. Get her this set to complete her Halloween costume, and she’ll be ready to become a  silent and steathy warrior!