Girls Military Officer Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Become a soldier with this Girls Military Officer Costume that includes a camouflage hat, shirt, and romper.

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When you had a baby, you thought it would be cute. You thought you’d be able to share your years of knowledge with her and you thought you’d be able to teach her important skills. You probably never imagined that it would end up like this, with her giving you the orders! Well, quite frankly that’s life. It never quite ends up like you planned it and now you just have to make the best of the situation of taking commands from your not-so-little-anymore bundle of joy.You’d better get her the kind of brilliant outfit that commands the respect of her troops (you) and it better be something that looks fierce enough for combat! After all, you can’t have her barking orders while wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt! The good news is that our expert costume designers are on the job to make the perfect costume for any situation and they’ve created this delightful girls Military Officer costume.This child costume comes with everything your child needs to properly give orders to the whole family! The costume includes a tan t-shirt with a printed star on the front, along with a digital camouflage romper that zips up in the front. The costume also comes with a matching cadet style cap. Just add a few touches yourself, like a pair of sunglasses, and your child will be ready to whip any recruit into shape. Just make sure you follow her orders to a tee, or she might just make you do pushups as punishment.