Girls Gold Glitter Ballet Flats – Size: L – Faux Leather


Perfect with a princess or fairy costume, these Girls Gold Glitter Ballet Flats give new meaning to the phrase ”Twinkle Toes!”

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Fairies might not need shoes, but when your little girl wants to go running with the wood nymphs and water sprites or off to the palace ball, shell need appropriateand appropriately stylinshoes. Complete any princess, fairy or dancer outfit with these sparkly ballet flats. If you lose one, the Prince might scour the kingdom looking for who it fits. Dont say we didnt warn you.These Girls Gold Glitter Ballet Flats are made out of gold faux leather covered in dazzling glitter, so your little girls feet will stand out on the stage, dance floor or just running around the yard. Ballet flats are perfect for that princess whos perhaps a little young for heels. They feature textured anti-slip soles so she wont take a tumble while pirouetting. Theres no telling what adventures your princess will have in thesea kingdom of fantastic footwear to discover awaits!