Girls Basic Witch Costume – Size: M – Polyester


This is a girls basic witch black dress costume with green sash.

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A day in the life of a young witch is a lot like that of a young girl. Both have a lot of reading to do. Witches have to read up on how to conjure potions and little girls have to read assigned books for school. Both need to memorize; girls in school need to learn how to spell their vocabulary words, while witches in training have to memorize spells. Both need to engage in some form of exercise to stay healthy so witches take to the sky on their brooms and young girls take to the playgrounds to run around with their friends.If your little girl is curious about what it’s like being a young witch instead of a young girl, then outfit her in this basic witch costume. She can see for herself that there are plenty of similarities between them, but it will also serve as a nice break from her normal routine. She can wear this long black dress with green sash and matching cone-shaped hat whenever she wants a break from the normal responsibilities of a little girl. She’ll have fun taking a break from practicing penmanship to practice flicking her wrist while holding a wand.You can amplify her dress-up fun by adding accessories like a pair of black shoes and a witch’s broom. Don’t be surprised if she asks for a black cat as a pet! Luckily, we sell a black cat prop so you can supply her with that before taking the plunge and becoming a real cat owner!