Genie Purse – Size: ST – Polyester


If you’re going to go out granting wishes this Halloween you can’t loose your important items! Keep everything safe in your lamp with this Genie Purse.

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You hate wasting money on costumes youll only use one day of the year. This purse you can use year-round, if you have a quirky side and dont mind people constantly asking about your unusual handbag. It may not hold much, but it sure makes a statement. What is that statement? Youre whimsical. Youre fun. Impractical. You travel light. You may believe in magic.Our Genie Purse may not give you three wishes, but youll never wonder where your things are! This unique handbag goes perfectly with any desert princess attire. No wish-granting magical beings guaranteed, but you never know. We certainly arent putting genies in there, but if a genie were looking for a place to lay low and came across one of these there are worse options for a genie is what were saying. Imagine living in a glasses case. Or one of those plastic tubs wipes come in. A soft, decorated Genie Purse is practically paradise compared to that. Its right in the name!