Folkmanis Mini Spider Finger Puppet – Size: ST – Polyester


Show your little one how to perform a mini puppet show with this Folkmanis Mini Spider Finger Puppet. Check out are other great finger puppets too!

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Face the FearArachnophobia is the fear of spiders. From what we can tell, everyone has it to some degree or another. You may not mind the itty-bitty spiders spinning webs in the front garden. You may even be okay if a little guy crawls up the shower wall—as long as you’re not trying to enjoy a peaceful soak. But, find a spider skittering across your bedroom walls or nesting inside your pile of laundry and the whole house is getting burned down. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We think it’s time to face the fear though. After all, most spiders are just looking for a warm place to stay.Product DetailsWith this Spider Finger Puppet by Folkmanis, you’ll be ready to face your arachnophobia! With a plush fabric covering, each 4” long leg and the plump abdomen look as fluffy and soft as a tarantula. The elastic loop attached under the body lets you carry the 3.5” long spider with you wherever you choose. And with shiny black eyes snuggled into a faux leather face, this oversized spider is cuter than it is scary!Delightful SpiderWhether you’re facing your fear or looking to terrify a friend, this Mini Spider Finger Puppet has you covered! Though there’s nothing mini about this spider, it’s sure to delight with its soft build and glossy eyes!