Folkmanis Mini Parrot (Scarlet Macaw) Finger Puppet – Size: ST – Polyester


Your little one will be saying Polly want a cracker when playing with this Folkmanis Mini Parrot (Scarlet Macaw) Finger Puppet. So colorful and fun!

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Oh, Macaw! Is that a Puppet?We’ve always wanted a parrot as a best friend. After looking into it, we realized that we just weren’t ready for that! Parrots are amazingly intelligent critters and they require a lot of work to keep them mentally and physically satisfied. That’s when we found out about this Mini Parrot Finger Puppet! It’s one of the many quality puppets made by Folkmanis, so it almost feels like having your own Scarlet Macaw as a pet!Product DetailsThis simple finger puppet is designed to look like a Scarlet Macaw! It measures 7 inches long and is filled with stuffing to give it a more realistic appearance. It’s also covered in a layer of faux feathers and features a stuffed, plush head. Just place your finger inside of the pocket to control this little bird’s movements and you’ll have a brand new avian pal of your own!Pirate Want a Cracker?Of course, the best way to make use of this parrot puppet is to add it to your pirate outfit! It helps give you that iconic pirate captain look, so you can sail the seven seas with a little bird pal of your own.