Fog Liquid Quart – Size: ST – Water


If you’ve got a fog machine, you’ll need fog machine liquid! Order a few of these inexpensive refills to be sure you’ve got enough fog to last your party all night long!

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No haunted house, Halloween party, or glam-rock extravaganza is complete without oodles of fog, and with a fog machine and our Ultimate Liquid Fog, you can create it without burning your hands on dry ice that needs constant replacing!In Bram Stokers original Dracula, besides transforming into bats, the count can travel as a mist under doors. Use this Ultimate Liquid Fog to scare the superstitious vampire-lovers in your life! Get a lot (and we mean a lotthis is premium-quality fog, but it will dissipate when spread over a large area outdoors) and trick your small, coastal town into thinking The Fog/The Mist has come in and they all need to stay inside to be safe from the vengeful ghosts or otherworldly horrors that lurk in it! Youll be able to lootwe mean borrow, of course to your hearts content when the whole towns holed up in the grocery store turning on each other!