Flirty Dalmatian Womens Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Transform yourself into a fun, energetic dalmatian with this exclusive Flirty Dalmatian Womens Costume. This costume features a dalmatian spotted dress with a dog collar neck accent and a dalmatian ear headband.

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Have you ever taken on of those quizzes to find out what breed of dog you’d be? Yeah, it might not be the best use of time but if you’re like us, you can hardly resist a good personality quiz! If you are loyal, intelligent, and naturally elegant than the quiz might have told you that you would be a Dalmatian. If you got a different answer you may have been put off by the picture segment, how are you supposed to decide which tree you like better, they’re all pretty! There are the breeds you know you wouldn’t be. Take the fluffy Pekinese for instance. They’re cute but there’s no way you’d end up as one of those little pups. Jumping to see out the window and letting out a high pitched yap with every hop. You could also end up with the result of the bloodhound, the dog with an unrelenting nose yet has the art of napping eighteen hours a day down. Though that napping might sound nice, that dog personality just isn’t you either. No, whatever any website says if you were born as a dog in another life you’d be born as the fashionable and sassy Dalmation! Showing your true spots is easier than ever in this flirty dress with its red collar, patterned gloves, and sweet, floppy ears. The dress’s sweetheart neckline is connected to the red collar with a black retro mesh. You’ll have plenty of fun in the floppy ears and the attached tail whether you’re heading out to a costume party or firehouse fundraiser. When you’re wearing these spots you know that one thing’s for sure, this costume is a lot better than that sad and baggy bloodhound outfit!