Ewok Pet Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Ever wanted you own pet Ewok? Well now you can have your very own with this adorable Ewok Pet Costume. And yes, they’re pretty easy to house train.

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Your little four-legged companion is a good boy, isnt he? Hes the best finder of sticks in the park, the best catcher of tennis balls, the best little protector of your home.You know what else hes the best at? Toppling the Galactic Empire with a series of ambushes and well-constructed traps….No? Fido isnt that good with constructing nets and log swings? Well, thats ok, because this Ewok Pet Costume will perfectly convince everyone you meet that your loyal companion helped the Rebellion claim victory on the Forest Moon of Endor. It will be very believable; everyone already knows that your dog is a fierce defender of your home when any strangers come knocking at the door — just like the equally furry Ewoks. And were sure, absolutely certain (we happen to have a bit of experience of our own) that your little guy has set a perfect trap for you to trip over every time he stands behind you when youre cooking in the kitchen. One second youre just taste testing some vegetable soup, the next youve tumbled over your curious companion and youre cursing him from the linoleum floor.So maybe your little canine comrade cant topple the Empire, but he surely can topple you. And we think thats close enough. Get him this adorable Ewok outfit and hell feel right at home every time he barks to defend the house, or accidentally knocks you to the ground.