Disco Ball Earrings – Size: ST – Plastic


Disco never dies! Jump back into disco fever with a pair of Disco Ball Earrings. Keep that party going all night long with a pair of groovy earrings!

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Do the Hustle! Its time to catch disco fever and dance the night away! Every nights Saturday night when youre wearing these Silver Disco Earrings! (You might want to gingerly take them off before getting involved in any Saturday night fighting though.) Before you go to shake your groove thing down at Studio 54, be sure you look fly in a white polyester suit, have your shirt collar over your lapels like a drunk dad at midnight at a wedding, and pair of Silver Disco Ball Earrings to top it all off. Tony Manero would be proud as you spin on the dance floor in a silver haze.Mirror balls had actually been a fixture in dance halls (or discotheques, duh) for nearly a hundred years before the disco music explosion of the late 70s. So why are they so synonymous with the age of copious hairspray and nylon clothes? Who knows! Maybe theres something about the sultry strains of Donna Summer and funky beats of Giorgio Moroder that just made people want to stare in a bunch of tiny mirrors and lose themselves like nothing ever had before. Yeah, thats probably it. Whatever it was, therell be no mistaking what youre going for (theyre not exactly subtle) in these Silver Disco Ball Earrings.