Deluxe Ron Burgundy Costume Suit – Size: XL – Polyester


This Deluxe Ron Burgundy Suit will have you looking just like the handsome star of The Anchorman movies.

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Well-Dressed and confidentDo you love poetry, a glass of scotch, and an occasional jazz flute performance? Sounds like you have what it takes to be a world-class newscaster! This exclusive Ron Burgundy suit will give you the look straight from Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and only needs a little panache to pull off the ultimate homage to the Will Ferrell classic!If you don’t automatically respond to the rich smell of mahogany and leather-bound books of your apartment in the morning, putting this suit on is sure to put you in a “kind of a big deal” mood. And the best part of all? We made and designed it right here in our own costume studios. We teamed up with Paramount Pictures which means that this is the officially licensed Ron Burgundy costume you need. So, go on, get it on, and let the world know: “I look good. Everybody come and see how good I look!”Design & DetailsThe rich maroon toned suit jacket and pants set are sure to make you feel like a suave and refined gentleman. Simply use your own dress shirt to complete the two-piece suit look, and included tie will pull the ensemble together. Make sure you mustache is finely groomed and if you forgot to start growing yours, we’ve included an adhesive-backed mustache accessory to make sure your upper lip won’t feel naked. Complete the Ron Burgundy look by pinning the included Channel 4 lapel pin and press badge credentials onto your jacket, and you’ll be ready for action.Ready to broadcastExclusive to, our Anchorman line includes other favorites like Veronica Corningstone and the rest of the Channel 4 broadcast team. So that means you can get all your friends into the fun! First things first, though, you’re going to want to make sure you’re ready for the broadcast. “Good evening. I’m Ron Burgundy and here’s what happening in your world tonight.”