Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume – Size: M – Polyester


No wonder Alice is so afraid of you. I mean, look at that beautiful dress! Make a grand entrance in this Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume.

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Demanding respect in your kingdom takes more than a little bit of confidence, gusto, and croquette set. It also demands a beautiful dress. And man, did the Queen of Hearts know how to wear an elegant and head-turning dress!She may not be the nicest storybook character ever heck, shes probably one of the nastiest. I mean, cutting off peoples heads just because they disagree with her? Thats pretty cruel. But you have to hand it to her: she did have a unique style about her and knew enough about fashion to have the Hatter help her out with new hat designs. Behind that evil faade Im sure theres a softer side to the Queen, but I doubt well see it anytime soon!But you dont have to be nice to rock a gorgeous gown and this deluxe Queen of Hearts costume dress proves it. The poly/spandex blend dress has a red, crushed velvet skirt with gathered black satin overlay around the waistline. The floor-length gown is ready for any royal event with its puffed shoulders and elegant gold trim. The dress is detailed with a checkered, striped, and heart pattern that makes it a uniquely stylish addition to your Halloween wardrobe. It also comes with a full-length white petticoat with an elastic waist and a sequin heart crown. Heads will roll when you step out of the castle in this fabulous Queen of Hearts costume. Whether its for Halloween or a play, this dress will stop people in their tracks and not just because they are afraid you are going to yell, off with their heads!