Deluxe Kids Pirate Boot Tops – Size: ST – Patent Leather


He’ll make you walk the plank unless you buy him the proper footwear. Your little buccaneer can’t pillage and raid another ships without a pair of Child Deluxe Pirate Boot Tops.

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Being a pirate shoemaker has to be a frustrating job. You put all of your time and energy into crafting a pair of stylish, handmade boots specially designed for navigating slick decks and trudging across sandy beaches, and then what fashion trend comes along? Peg legs! Sure, the pirates still have need of your services, but theyre only buying half as much merchandise, which is to say nothing of the annoyance you feel when you think about how many of your beautiful boots have wound up on the bottom of the ocean, or in the belly of a shark, or in the hull of a sunken ship. These boots are made as pairs and it just seems a shame to swap one out for a boring old peg.Ah well, at least there are still some pirates out there who appreciate the shoemakers trade, like whoever winds up hitting the high seas in this snappy pair of black vinyl boots. Featuring multiple gold buttons for that seafaring flair, this flashy footwear laces up to just below the knee, perfect for the added protection a true rogue needs, or for just looking sharp at your next costume party. Just please make an old cobblers day and promise youll do your best not to come home with one boot and a peg leg.