Deluxe Bronze Steampunk Corset – Size: L – Polyester


This Deluxe Bronze Steampunk Corset adorned with clasps and chain is the perfect start to putting together your own steampunk costume this Halloween.

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Penny for your ThoughtsDo you know what’s up when it comes to the Steampunk theme? Whether you do or not, you’ll look like you’re a Steampunk leader when you’re wearing this stunning corset. Which is a relief, really. Recently, you might have heard of issues rumbling in the steamy underground. A respected scientist has recently discovered what he’s calling “the elixir of youth”. That wouldn’t be a problem if youth was the only side effect. The issue is that the other side effects end in folks remaining in a highly-suggestible, zombie-like state for days on end. Which is super handy for the scientist and his cohorts. We need a steampunk leader like you to stop the elixir’s distribution before it gets out of hand. So fire up your steam-powered snail and get on the case. With charm and wit, you’ll have this issue capped in no time!Product DetailsYou’ll look right at home driving a steam-powered snail structured corset is a rich brown with a lush scrolling pattern. The piping along the sides are lined with darker faux leather. The piping neckline has a dramatic sweetheart neckline. The top laces up the back and the front secures closed with metallic swing hooks. The sides have buttons with gracefully draping chains to give you steampunk prestige. Salty with a Side of SteamThe ladies of steampunk don’t care for Victorian rules. Sitting quietly while mending hems isn’t for you. They want to lead, discover, and create. And they look great while doing all those things. Build up your look with petticoats, faux leather leggings, top hats, goggles, and jewelry for a personalized look that’ll make you feel awesome at any event! Just promise us something. If you do get that geared up time machine to work, let us know. We’re gonna want to come with you!