Deluxe Alice Child Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Give your child an authentic Alice look with this exclusive Deluxe Alice Child Wig.

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You just never know what kind of adventures you and your child might wander into. One minute you’ll be chasing a rabbit down a rabbit hole and the next you’ll be talking to a mischievous cat who talks in riddles. One minute you’ll be having tea with your friends and the next minute the Queen of Hearts will be causing trouble. Your child won’t have time to worry about how her hair looks during all of these adventures, so you might want to make use of this handy Alice wig.This deluxe child Alice wig is based on Lewis Carroll’s masterwork, Alice in Wonderland. It’s made of light blonde synthetic fibers and fits comfortably with an elastic band. It pairs perfectly with many of our children’s Alice costumes and it’s much easier than trying to style her hair yourself. And the best part is that when she’s all done having adventures, she can just take it off to transform back into her everyday non-Alice self!