Deckhand Darling Women’s Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Hop on deck and hoist the sails because it’s time to set out on a new treasure hunting adventure in this exclusive Deckhand Darling Women’s Costume.

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Back in the day, they wouldn’t even let women be pirates. What kind of nonsense is that? An old fable about angering the sea gods or something like that kept women from being swashbuckling pirates for many centuries. Also, bananas were considered bad luck, so go figure! We think it’s high time you embraced your rebellious nature and laughed in the face of those old traditions. It’s time to grab a cutlass and dress up as the debonair pirate you’ve always known yourself to be. You’ll prove that the seas favor a skilled lass like yourself on the high seas. Of course, you’re going to need the right kind of outfit to start yourself off.This Deckhand Darling costume is a pirate outfit for women that will have you claiming the role of first mate on any ship. Heck, you could even shoot for captain with a look this stunning. It comes with an off-white shirt, which can be worn off the shoulder, along with red and white striped pants. It costume also comes with a red head scarf and a matching hip scarf, to give you a very complete style. Finally, the skull belt makes you look like one furious foe to any other buccaneers that you happen to bump into during your quest for treasure.We’re fairly certain that you won’t displease any sea gods when you step on board while wearing this ensemble. Just make sure you don’t bring any bananas on board. Those are totally bad luck.