Day of the Dead Macabre Costume – Size: ST – Polyester


Celebrate Day of the Dead with this adult Macabre Costume that features a black suit featuring brightly colored skulls on the jacket, purple piping, and a matching sombrero.

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There’s something in the AirNo matter where you live when fall comes there’s a little more color in the air. The sky gets a little bluer. The sun sets become more vibrant. The leaves begin to dry out, changing from a deep uniform green to flat gold and faded chartreuse. And then there are the stories we tell during the autumn season. Stories about the magic things that happen deep in the woods. We tell stories about lonely streets and the dangerous creatures that walk them at night. And of course, we tell stories about those who have passed coming back to tell us one last message.You see, it doesn’t matter how warm your October is, when fall rolls around, a colorful chill hits the air. Whether you celebrate Day of the Dead, Halloween, or both we can’t help but trade tales of our encounters with spirits when getting together with friends in the fall. But you don’t have to limit yourself to telling ghost stories this spooky season, sing them out with this mariachi type day of the dead costume! Product DetailsBalance a macabre appearance with plenty of charm when you wear the dramatic ensemble! The wide leg pants will make you ready to sweep your dancing partner off their feet while the curved jacket will make you ready to sing out your best Grito de Dolores. The brightly embroidered skulls on the jacket match the colorful ribbon and bric-a-brac trim as well as the attached tie and waist sash. Balancing color and mariachi lore, your ensemble this year will bring plenty of color to your holiday and well as your ghost stories. Dead not DullWant to make your costume even more unique? Top your look off with one of our colorful sombreros, and unique skull Catrina mask or purchase a skull makeup kit to create a deathly pallor of your own. If there’s anything we learned from all those stories, it’s that the dead know how to party.