Cyclops Boys Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Turn your child in to a giant mythological creature with this exclusive Cyclops Boys Costume.

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Some kids want to be a police officer when they grow up. Some kids want to grow up to be a superhero with tons of super powers. Other kids? Well, they just want to grow up to be a giant monster that gets to smash stuff with a giant club while he terrorizes the townsfolk across the land. We like to be inclusive for all dreams that kids have, from the pretty normal ones, to the really weird ones. Thats why our costume designers created this child Cyclops costume.This costume takes heavy themes from classical Greek mythology of Polyphemus. It also takes plenty of inspiration from fantasy games and just a dash of inspiration from those Saturday afternoon LARP sessions that happen in the park. It comes with a jumpsuit that has padding in the chest, arms and legs to help create a muscular look, perfect for frightening weakling mortals like Odysseus. It also comes with a cyclops mask, which has a giant-sized eyeball in the center and a plush horn on the top. The costume also includes plenty of accessories that will help complete your childs transformation into a mythological creature!Once your kid is all dressed up in this costume, hell be ready to take on Odysseus and his crew in no time! Make sure to add one of our toy clubs to your order to really get the full look and who knows! Even Homer might even write about him in his next big epic tale.