Crimson Sangria 22″ Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Get a sultry, devilish look for your costume this Halloween and get this Crimson Sangria 22-Inch Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension

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Taste with FlavorWhat do you think of when you hear “Sangria”? If you’re dreaming of a delicious red wine infused with slices of fruit then you’re not alone. That’s the only definition we know about. And that’s why this clip in red color fits its name so well! Sangria isn’t just a glass of red wine. It’s more fun than that! It’s a beverage to share with friends on a rooftop patio as the sun goes down. It’s a beverage that stands out in a world of standards. And that’s what these clip-in hair extensions do!Product DetailsThese extensions fall in dark red spirals, infusing vibrant color into whatever do you might be rocking. If you wouldn’t want to settle for a glass of boring Cab on your special night out, you shouldn’t settle for a boring all red wig either. Clip in these curls and watch your style get infused with interest. You can even style this with both curling irons and straighteners up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.Building CharacterWhether you want to use these extensions to add the perfect touches to your costume or you just want to make that night out outfit a little more interesting, you’re sure to love the way these curls fall!