Creepy Man Behind the Wall Adult Mask – Size: ST – Rubber


If this Creepy Man Behind the Wall Adult Mask is what’s behind the wall, I would suggest you run! However, it is a great accessory for a scary costume!

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Behind the WallLife waiting behind the walls, waiting for someone to invoke your name can be a little dull at times. There’s so much pent-up anger and while you wile away the time, willing potential victims to invite you to come out to play.Product DetailsThis half mask has a dramatic look with a flat white color and dripping red around the eyes and around the mouth. There are subtle over the eyes with a black mesh over the eyes to make your eyes blend into the darkness of the nightmare you might be hiding! He ComesSo, if you’re ready to step out as this internet phenomenon, you’re going to need this mask. Spreading fear is a sure thing so forgive us for hiding as soon as we see you. Dress up in black and head out into the world. You come!