Corner Spider Web w/Spider Halloween Decoration – Size: ST


Don’t get tangled up in this spider’s web… you may become lunch! This Corner Spider Web w/ Spider is a great decoration.

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Most people have arachnophobia to one degree or another. And wed wager to say that more than a few of your guests will shriek in terror when they see this larger-than-life spider thriving in the corner of your home. We figure youre working on finding some pretty scary props that will send terror through your guests, and have them screaming in sheer fright. Well…look no further.Hang this Corner Spider Web w/Spider any place where you want to surprise your guests. Chances are, youll quickly find out which of your friends is a true arachnophobe. Even better, hang it in proximity to your buffet table, and watch the hilarity ensue when your guests get peckish. Will they ever get hungry or brave enough to step up? Or, maybe an unsuspecting guest will be taken by surprise. Either way, just be ready for the blood-curdling screams to ring out through your castle.One caveat: don’t hang it in a spot where it can get wet.