Colonial Pilgrim Shoes for Men – Size: S – Polyurethane


Before you land on Plymouth Rock, be sure you have adequate footwear. These Mens Colonial Pilgrim Shoes are the perfect way to complete your early settler look.They also go great with our leprechaun costume.

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The early settlers to the New World came with some rather simplistic designs for clothing. Seeking to remain humble and puritan, their styles consisted mostly of black and white and unimpressive patterns. They werent looking to awaken passions, after all just make sure that some crops grew well and they were readied for any possible witch attacks. Everyone knew that witches wore flashy clothes, after all!But, despite the fact that the shirt, coat, pants, and well pretty much every aspect of the pilgrim clothes (with the possible exception of the sweet hat) are all pretty ignorable, we can hold some good thoughts in that their shoes at least paired well with everything they might wear! Who can argue with some crisp and polished Mens Colonial Pilgrim Shoes, after all!? Matching flawlessly with any older time garb, these shoes manage to be comfortable, crafted of shiny black faux leather, and still give just enough of a shine with their gold buckle that they might have actually been the most luxurious item of the entire pilgrim attire!