Classic Black Witch Women’s Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Dust off your cauldron, get out your broom and throw on this exclusive Classic Black Witch Women’s Costume. It features a long black dress with buckled waist and lace trim.

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Show ’em what you’re made ofLiving in a tiny cottage secluded in the woods won’t cover up your witchy ways, not even close. Your sorcery skills are just far too impressive. Your powers radiate from your fingertips and into your wand, and then suddenly, magic happens! The village peasants are lined up outside of your isolated abode daily in order to catch a glimpse of some pretty impressive magic. People come from far and wide to marvel at how you sweep the floor with the flick of a finger or how you zoom off into the sky on a broom. You draw a crowd of spectators outside of your cottage all the time, without using a spell. They all come on their own accord to witness your powers!    Product DetailsSince you’re such a popular village attraction, it’s wise to emphasize your stellar witchcraft skills with the appropriate ensemble. Our classic black witch costume is a must-have dress for exceptional spellcasters such as yourself. Once you’re clad in the floor length dress with a lace-trimmed hem and featuring ruffled sleeves and a high neck collar, the villagers will spot your spookiness from miles away. Just top the look off with the cone-shaped hat and you’ll seal your status as ‘the supreme witch.’ If not, just cast a spell and you’ll be rewarded with the title! Organic, Gluten-free Eye of NewtWhen you’re celebrating that oh so important Halloween holiday this year, you can embrace both old and new together. While you might have to find gluten-free alternatives to the classic pumpkin bars you serve at your All Hallows Eve bash, your costume can look as timeless as ever. And yes, if you want to make your new age customer happy, you’ll have to find free-range dragon eggs. But we’re sure a witch who looks as capable as you do knows how to drive a bargain in the black art market!