Classic Black Witch Plus Size Women’s Costume – Size: 3X – Polyester


Brew up a love potion or a vengeance potion the decision is yours! But don’t forget to wear this exclusive Classic Black Witch Plus Size Women’s Costume while you do it.

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Go ahead and try that witch huntWomen of power have always made the uptight men of the world uncomfortable. Especially Puritans who were already sensitive due to wearing buckles on their hats for virtually no reason. That was a nerdy trend and those pilgrims knew it. So it was nothing new when those guys went wild for tracking down the ladies that had a source of power that no cannon or quill pen could ever give them.Here’s the thing, we’d like to see them try it again! Not literally mind you but witches these days are fearless. No longer sequestered to swamps and living in broken down old cottages, witches are living a boss lifestyle. Their potion ingredients can be ordered on Etsy. Their moonlit broomstick rides make for a jaw-dropping first date and they save a ton of money on airfare. Travel the world with enough left over for that 401K? We’d like to see a Puritan do that!Product DetailsFrom the postcard to the street, this costume is picture perfect. The dress has a back zipper and high collar that looks picturesque with puffed sleeves and lacy wide cuffs. The skirt is long and full, looking perfect with wicked witch boots. Top the whole thing off with the hat and you’ll feel fierce and timeless all at once!Keeping the Cauldron ClassicAre you ready for your next coven meeting? We’re excited for you! You’re bringing the classic witch ensemble that everyone knows. Other sorceresses know that they can come to you for real “eye of newt”, so much more effective than the new vegan replacement. They know you’ll uphold witchy traditions for centuries to come, no skimping on Hogsbreath in beauty potions for your clients. Hey, if those girls want pearly skin and straight teeth, they can deal with bad breath for a month!