Child Wooly T-Rex Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Ice Age? No big deal, your kiddo will stay warm and cozy in this wooly T-Rex jumpsuit costume.

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So, you’ve got a dinosaur fan on your hands? It’s not a bad obsession. The floor has been decorated with dinosaur miniatures for a good year now, it’s about time you caught up to his fashion forward vision for your dwelling place. It might a little annoying to find a triceratops horn stuck in the tender spot of your foot at three in the morning but your little designer might argue that it’s worth it. There’s no reason that everything in your house shouldn’t be dinosaur themed. Your pioneering kid has the right idea. Are you on board yet? No? All you have to do is get a dino print slipcover for that boring floral patterned couch in your living room and purchase a few different kinds of dinosaur cutouts to scatter throughout your house. It’ll be no time at all before you feel like you and your family are part of the Triassic age. You could even die your water source red so you feel like you’re washing in lava. How festive! As much as we’re behind this idea we understand that it takes a while to completely redecorate your home so in the meantime, make sure the dinosaur enthusiast who started it all can keep the theme alive in a comfy cozy T-Rex costume.  This ensemble will look just as cool trick-or-treating as when it’s worn while directing the movers on where to install your newly purchased tar pit, that is to say, very cool. The gray and black tonal jumpsuit can be slipped into in a manner of seconds with the attached hood, claws, and shoe covers. All your kiddo needs to do is zip up the front and the transformation will be complete! The age of the dinosaurs is coming, all you have to do jump on board!