Child Siamese Cat Costume – Size: S – Polyester


This is a Siamese cat jumpsuit costume for kids featuring a cozy character hood.

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A distinctly recognized breed of Asian cat, the Siamese are not your typically run of the mill cat. You won’t find this breed trolling around a farm or running around the dirty alleyways of your neighborhood because they’re sophisticated felines. Their unusual and unique appearance make them the perfect pet for fashionable animal lovers because Siamese cats always look like they’re going to attend an extravagant masquerade ball. Their pale colored coat and contrasting black ears, snout, and feet make them look like dapper creatures. Plus, those crystal colored eyes are to die for. These majestic creatures should be honored, instead of just taken care of. And how does one effectively honor something or someone they admire? They copy them, of course! Now little kids can be the true definition of a ‘copycat’ by wearing this Siamese cat child costume. The costume transforms youngsters into the beautiful cats who always look like they’re ready to show up to a masquerade. The ultra-soft jumpsuit will give little kitty lovers the classic Siamese appearance, complete with the cream colored under belly and contrasting dark colored paws. A long tail and attached shoe covers are attached to the plush suit. You’ll also receive a pair of matching gloves and a headpiece. The headpiece completes the kitty cat look and gives you the most coveted Siamese feature, the light blue eyes. The headpiece also features pointy pink ears and whiskers. It’s the purrrfect costume for little kids who take the term Siamese twins quite literally.