Child Peas Costume – Size: M/L – Polyester


Someone, pass the peas! This Child Peas Costume is a cute vegetable costume for little kids.

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Would you look at me pleaseIm a set of fresh sweet peasDont you think that its oddThat Im still in my pod?Im small, round, and green,Im your very favorite beanNow please beg my pardonWhile I go back to the gardenThose of us who have kids can attest that its next to impossible to make them eat their vegetables. (Coincidentally, those of us who have been kids will remember how badly adults failed at making us eat our vegetables.) In order to make your kid eat their vegetables, they have to be their vegetables. They have to wake up at the crack of dawn every day and go bury themselves up to their necks in potting soil. They have to live in constant terror of being eaten by rabbits and gophers. They have to sit in a steam room day until theyre soft and tender throughout their entire bodies. Well, actually, that last bit might be taking things too far. And good luck explaining to the guy at the pet store that you want to buy some exceptionally scary rabbits for educational purposes. We confess that we dont actually have kids. But we did watch an episode of Family Matters back in 1992, so we must have some idea of what were talking about.If your sprout is starring in a play about plants or nutrition, or if they get along very well with a friend wholl agree to dress up as a carrot, then our Child Peas Costume is sure to please! This high quality hooded pod outfit is complete with three jolly peas for the complete pea package. Just dont wear this costume to a job or you might get canned.