Child Devil Jumpsuit Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Let out your inner evil with this red devil jumpsuit costume. Become the prince of darkness when hunting for candy this Halloween season.

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Mischief is AfootYou can feel it in the air. Nothing has happened just yet, but your shenanigans sense is tingling. Normally, the kids are yowling, crashing, and clanging their way through the home. But right now, it’s quiet. Eerily quiet. The kind of quiet that’s normally followed by a severely catastrophic amount of trouble that’s tenfold more troublesome than the usual fair. What the devil is that little one up to?Sound familiar? Then it’s quite obvious that your little bundle of joy has a bit of a devilish streak inside them. Some adults might fear it. But there’s a better option. You see, those younger years of demonic doings are usually just a phase. If you let them get it out of their system on Halloween night, then you might just have a perfect little angel on your hands for the rest of the year. This Devil jumpsuit for kids is just the outfit for that job!Design & DetailsOur costume designers based this jumpsuit-style costume on the iconic devil costume of Halloweens gone by! It has a classic look that any generation can enjoy. The jumpsuit has a zip-up front, making it easy to put on and take off. It also has an attached tail in back, since no self-respecting devil would head out without his tail! Finally, the hood has stuffed black devil horns to round out the look. Just pair it up with one of our pitchfork accessories and your little devil will be ready for some real mischief!Like Parent, Like Child…Of course, the apple never falls far from the tree, now does it? Perhaps you were a little rabble-rouser in your youth too? Well, just check out our adult devil costumes to create a parent-child duo outfit that will invoke a new sense of fear in your neighborhood!