Child Class Nerd Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Nerd alert! Become a classic nerd that cares of algorithms and pocket protectors with this Child Class Nerd Costume!

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If media is to be believed, the 50s and 60s were an unbearable time to be a kid if you werent the ringleader of a gang of little street toughs. Terror stalked the playgrounds. It used to be kids would go to any lengths to avoid being called a nerd and having their underwear pulled up into a wedgie, their hair swirled in a toilet or having their beloved collectible merchandise stomped on.Now, theres a Star Wars movie every year, video games are a billion-dollar, unstigmatized industry, and knowing a lot about comic books means having the secret key to whats going to happen in movies and TV shows instead of a secret shame to be hidden. Everybody saves their childhood treasures, assuming theyll be worth something someday when Digimon and Street Sharks get really popular again. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye arent just public intellectuals; theyre cool dudes we love to see shut down people we disagree with. Nerds rule the world. Kids are fighting over who knows the most about Grand Admiral Thrawn and Beta Ray Bill. Prove your nerd credentials once and for all with this Kids Nerd Costume.This Kids Nerd Costume is a one-piece jumpsuit because if theres one thing nerds love, its utilitarianism. The top of the jumpsuit looks like a white, short sleeve collared shirt with a bow tiestill the ultimate markers of a dweeband the bottom is blue, green, orange and white plaid pants. Look, youre supposed to look like a dork; its not supposed to be a good combination. A soft brown belt with a silver buckle is also included, because you know an old-school nerds pants never fit quite right. Pair with taped spectacles, pencils (nerds love to erase), and a calculator for the full package. If you really want a home run, I have 3 words for you: Propellor. Beanie. Hat. Youre welcome.