Child Brown Werewolf Costume – Size: L – Polyblend


Watch in horror as your child transforms from human to beast! The Child Brown Werewolf Costume cannot be stopped once it has merged with your little one this Halloween!

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Not everyone can be Wolverine from the X-Men. Or Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. Or even Scott McCall from the Teen Wolf television series. But that doesnt stop anyone from wanting to run around under the full moon howling like a wild wolf.Your son especially. He really wants to be a werewolf. He doesnt even mind that he would have to get bitten in order to transform. When he was a little younger you caught him putting his arm in the dogs mouth. You put a stop to that real quick. But he is determined to become one of the cursed werewolves that are in all his favorite stories.So before he goes out one day to find a wild wolf to get bitten by, get him this Child Brown Werewolf Costume. Because, yeah not everyone can be Wolverine, Remus Lupin, or Scott McCall, but your son can be a werewolf in this tattered red shirt, and faux fur mask, and gloves. At least for play time and Halloween. He can run around howling at the full moon, all without having to actually get bit by the dog or some wild wolf. He will love startling your neighbors as he goes trick-or-treating by howling when they open the door. He will run around saying, You know what sound a werewolf makes? Ohwhooooo!