Child Book Worm Costume – Size: XS – Polyester


If your kid loves to read then this Child Book Worm Costume will be perfect for them this Halloween. The costume features a green worm jumpsuit and hood and a wearable dictionary accessory.

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The Dangers of Reading: A PSAAre the librarians in your town forced to cut your child off from borrowing too many books? Do you often let the smell of your child’s favorite food drift to their room, hoping that a whiff of deliciousness will entice them out of the chapter book they’re devouring? Is “there’s nothing to read” a more popular complaint then “there’s nothing to snack on”? If all these questions are answered with a healthy “yes” then you have a bookworm infestation on your hands. When children are exposed to interesting reading material from a young age, parents often find they have a hard time wrestling both fact and fiction from their hands. This phenomenon is the boring person’s nightmare. Because sooner or later, your child will be a scholar that’s full of interesting facts and opinions. Is this PSA too late? Is your child already a bookworm? Embrace it with this adorable bookworm costume!Product DetailsThe worm in this costume has a ribbed belly with long sleeves and long pants. The worm head secures under your child’s chin and a large smile. The whole thing is topped with a dictionary around the waist. With a bespectacled face, your child is sure to love flaunting his or her love of words while wearing this costume. Ready for ReadingAre you ready for your kid to flaunt her love of words? Whether this is for Halloween or a read across America celebration, we’re kind of excited for you! Trick-or-treating might end up in conversations about Roahl Dahl and J.K. Rowling with the adults who are handing out candy but that seems like something your literary kid is into. Hopefully, your child doesn’t get books instead of candy on Halloween night. But hey, it might be worth it. Young Bookworms can often hatch into authors!