Child Black Morphsuit Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Morph into something! This Child Black Morphsuit can help with that!

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The most horrifying thing that can happen to a parent is that moment when you do not know where your child is. The world knows this. It repeats the terror of it in commercials, film, and news all the time. The moment that the room goes silent, it stills your very heart. What non-parents dont understand it that it isnt usually a fear that your child has been kidnapped. It is the fear that if you cant see them or cant hear them, they could be scratch that will be doing anything.No ninja or infamous assassin dares to compare. No ethereal haunt or creeping death could bring about the mischief or trauma. The invisible child could wreak more havoc in half the time than a hurricane. The silent child most certainly has converted the study, kitchen, basement, or likely all three into a warzone of mess and, most of it, probably sticky.Still, children seek stealth. They need to be able to hide in plain sight. So, we have a compromise. With this Child Black Morphsuit, you can bend the blackness of night shadows around your tyke and fade from sight. This polyester and spandex fabric has a two-way back zipper and completely encloses hands, feet, and head in the stuff of night. Once so hidden, you can join with other costumes to give a particularly spooky aura or simply be satisfied with their general invisibility.