Cavewoman Pink Club – Size: ST – Plastic


How are you supposed to fend off giant Woolly Mammoths if you don’t have a club?! Make sure you have the right artillery for your prehistoric costume and get this Cavewoman Club.

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Cavelady ChicFashionable cave ladies back in the prehistoric era didn’t have a lot of easy options when it came to staying on top of their fashion game. There were a couple options but fast fashion simply wasn’t an option. We have all seen the stone necklace from the famous petroglyphs found in Turkey. A few years ago a fossilized fashionista was found wearing a red dinosaur feather boa and tusk shaped earrings. Then there were the wild hairstyles, from dreads to twists you could really shape your hairstyle into any shape that you could dream up. Now, we’ve hit the obvious essentials but here’s the thing, these chic cave dwellers also made their weapons fancy as well!Product DetailsThis lightweight club is sure to ramp up your cavewoman style. It’s lightweight and looks super adorable with an animal skin. It is a light pink color with a subtle wood finish underneath. It tapers at the end making it easy to keep your grip while bopping and sabertooth tigers over the head. Prehistoric Prima DonnaIf you’re ready to take your place as a lovely Neadrathal socialite then you’re going to need this club. It’s the kind of club that pictograph painters would have scrambled to paint onto cave walls. One thing is for sure, you’ll be the bell of the ball. . . or the drum circle. Go get ’em, Urpa!