Care Bears & Cousins Adult Bright Heart Raccoon Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Become one of your favorite characters from the television show Care Bears & Cousins with this exclusive adult Bright Heart Raccoon costume that features a fuzzy purple jumpsuit with raccoon hood.

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SHINING LIGHT ON PROBLEMSOne might have thought that the Care Bears had everything taken care of.  With their magical belly beams, how could they not successfully save all folks on Earth from the nasty acts of the villains of the world!?  Well, unfortunately, the technological genius of Grumpy Bear isn’t always enough to get the job done.  (He is, after all, a grump.  Who can expect him to get all that work done with such a foul mood all the time!?) Fortunately, the Care Bear Cousins of the Forest of Feelings are here to help pick up the slack!  And, among all of them, the true genius and insightful curiosity of a certain raccoon is the surefire way to solve all the troubles plaguing Care-A-Lot!  Get ready for the vivid purple planning of the brightest bulb in the caring world with Bright Heart Raccoon!  This little guy’s belly glows with brilliance and chases away the shadow while giving people the clever ideas that would otherwise be right on the tip of their tongues! DESIGN & DETAILSWe’re not sure how we overlooked creating this amazing and officially licensed Bright Heart Raccoon Costume from Care Bears.  Thankfully, our in-house designers must have gotten struck by the inspiring beam of Bright Heart, himself, and we can now offer you this exclusive Care Bear Cousins look.  This is a fluffy jumpsuit of rich, custom, purple fur with felt heart pads on the palm and rear, a white belly patch with the heart-shaped lightbulb, and a large, two-tone, stuffed tail in the back.  The hood pulls up with Bright Heart Raccoon’s face.  All you need to offer is the cheerful attitude that this costume is sure to help you find!UNLEASH THE CARE COUSIN CALL!Now, we know that Bright Heart Raccoon’s belly beam offers profound insight and creativity.  But, what does his call sound like?  Hardly a lion roar or an elephant trumpet, naturally.  But, what does the raccoon say?  You’ll enjoy figuring that out with this Care Bears look!