Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Always sitting around waiting for that diamond ring? Make your own luck by jumping aboard ship in this Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume. There’s sure to be a treasure chest or two waiting…

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Life on a pirate ship was definitely not for the timid. It smelled, it was dangerous, and getting paid involved finding another ship to plunder, and then plundering the heck out of it. But all that meant was that the successful pirates were some of the baddest sea dogs on the high seas, and they sure dressed like it, too!Looking like a tough buccaneer lady doesn’t require you to quit your job, drop everything you’re doing, and join a salty crew of rapscallions at sea. These days, if you want that roguish style, just slip into this sassy Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume, and you’ll look plenty dangerous to any poor merchant ship crews you set your cannon sights on. What makes this outfit so perfect for pirating, you ask? Dresses like this let you move easily around the deck of a ship, which would definitely come in handy during a skirmish. And to top it all off, this dress’s bold burgundy color looks lovely, even if you spill wine on it during a rowdy post-plundering celebration! Actually, we don’t know why more pirates didn’t wear dresses like this…This costume comes with all the garments you’ll need to become a fashionable pirate wench. Although, people may be a little hesitant to call you wench, especially if you add a fierce looking pair of buckled boots to your lacy and colorful outfit, and brandish a big toy cutlass and pirate pistol. With such a dashing look, everyone will probably refer to you as M’lady instead!