Bride to Be Sash – Size: ST – Polyester


She’ll look like a beauty queen in this Bride to Be Sash. Everyone will know who’s getting married when you’re out on for a night of fun and adventure!

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Fresh Out of the ShowerWe’ve been arguing here at the office about why pre-wedding parties are called “showers”. Some say it’s because the bride gets “showered” in love and affection. Others say it’s because this party functions as a palate cleanser after the craziness of the bachelorette party. No matter what your theory is, it’s important to make the bride-to-be feel like a million bucks on these special days. Otherwise, she might forget why she’s opening yet another box of Champagne flutes.Product DetailsThis lovely banner is tough enough to last through the shower and get thrown on for a bachelorette as well! The creamy color of the fabric is studded with retro roses and the Bride-to-be title stands out in a bright and cheerful pink that looks gorgeous in photos and can be seen from afar!Less Hustle More BustleDon’t go rushing around on bachelorette party day when you can get all your bridesmaid, maid of honor, and bride to be accessories right here so you can focus on having fun the day of the party. From bachelorette headbands to bright wigs for dressing up and even a pair of sunglasses to give the guest of honor extra mystery, we’re here to make all your parties unforgettable!