Boy’s Burgundy Viking Costume – Size: L – Polyester


This Viking costume for boys features a burgundy tunic and faux fur cape.

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Your child might be a little half-pint right now, but before you know it, hell be charging onto the battlefield with the rest of the Viking warriors. Thats why you have to spend his early years preparing him for battle! You must make him eat his vegetables, so he can grow up to be big and strong. You must teach him how to give a thunderous war cry. But most of all, you need to teach him how to dress like the type of warrior who can proudly walk the halls of Valhala!Our costume designers got work, trying to figure out the best way to outfit your little one like a worthy warrior. Finally, they put together this burgundy Viking costume for boys. The costume has a true medieval style to it thats perfect for any kid whos looking to indulge in their warriors spirit. It comes with a red, patterned tunic and features red and white accents around the cuffs and waist. It also comes with a cape that attaches around the shoulders. The belt adds a barbaric look to the outfit and the boot tops fit over your childs shoes, so hell look ready to take on anything.Once your child is all geared up in this outfit, itll be time to toss him a sword and shield so you can start your combat training with the little tyke. Hes going to need every skill you can teach him if he wants to impress the Valkyries and forge his path into a seat in Valhalla next to Odin.