Blue Adult Baby Kit – Size: ST – Plastic


You will look like a cute little baby in this Blue Adult Baby Kit. It features a diaper, safety pin and pacifier.

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Babies Have it MadeIt’s pretty hard NOT to be jealous of babies. After all, people wait on them hand and foot. They never have to cook their own meals. They don’t have to get a job. They don’t have any bills. They can spend the majority of their day napping and no one chastises them. They don’t even need to get up to use the toilet. Adults really do get the short end of the stick.What if there was a way for you to recapture that careless attitude of infancy? What if there was a way for you to get rid of responsibility, even if just for an evening at your next costume party? What if you could once again revert to the days of being a baby? What if you could spend your whole day napping with a little whirly mobile hanging above your bed? What if people could take one look at you and immediately feel the urge to pamper you with baby talk and a bottle? Well, perhaps there’s a way to do all that with this adult blue baby kit.Product DetailsThis adult baby costume kit comes with everything you need to look like a big baby. Everyone will see you for the sweet young boy that you truly are. Your own mother might be so overwhelmed with emotion that she’ll want to break out that old stroller from you were just a wee little lad.Grown-Up AdviceAnd for one evening, you can head to the costume party dressed up like a baby. You can ignore your responsibilities and pretend that you don’t have to work. We do, however, advise against trying to wear this blue baby kit every day. The more fun you have dressed as a baby, the less you’ll want to return to being a grown-up!