Blonde 50’s Flip Wig – Size: ST – Acrylic


You’l look perfectly en 50’s vogue in this flip wig and string of pearls.

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If you got a time machine and traveled back to the 50’s to become a housewife we’d think you were nuts. Why would you waste access to a time machine in such a frivolous way? Well, who are we to judge, we’d probably accidentally end up in the ice age. So anyway, when you’re traveling to your new but retro suburban fifties household you have to wonder what it’s going to be like.Well, you’d probably spend a lot of time at the beauty parlor. Beauty parlors were hives of gossip and advice the young and old alike. Sitting under the giant hair dryers those ladies would discuss life and admire each other’s hairdos, whether it was curled into a beehive or, like this beautiful blond wig, it was given some volume at the roots and a flip at the bottom. Trying to fit in with the fifties crowd you entails more than a good sweater set. Before you get into your time machine be sure to bring along this wig to fit in with that coffee clutch immediately.