Black Renaissance Shoes for Men – Size: S – Faux Leather


Our men’s black renaissance shoes are a simple yet authentic looking choice for completing your renaissance costume. These shoes are also available in brown.

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Youve got your costume arranged. Wizard in regal and elegant robes? Prince gone galavanting with your loyal subjects? Prancing minstrel entertaining the locals? But, why face the ridicule of wearing 21st century footwear when you are traveling alongside Renaissance residents? You wouldnt want them to think you are a witch! (And, if you are, you would hopefully be wearing some nice black witch shoes.) No, youd be cast as the village idiot in seconds with those weird what is that, rubber soles!?Youve done the work, so far, so complete your look with these Mens Renaissance Shoes made of black faux suede. The side flap comfortably moves in front of your foot and laces up at your ankle. While it might not be completely authentic, a few 21st century crafting methods have been divined by the local priests to include anti-slip soles, but we will keep that a secret from the witchhunters. Youll be dancing around in the center square in good temperament with these fine flops on your feet.