Black Poodle Scarf – Size: ST – Polyester


Great Balls of fire! You won’t be ready for the sock hop unless you’re wearing this Black Poodle Scarf! Tie is around your neck and get ready to shake, rattle, and roll!

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Hey Daddy-o! You heard about the bash happening this weekend, yeah? It’s gonna be huge! Whole class is gonna be there, and it’s looking to be a swinging good time! We’re dying to know what you’re gonna wear. Please tell us it’s that hip new poodle skirt you got last week? It better be!Although, if you’re going for the poodle skirt, we think it’s definitely time you got something to match. Have you seen these new scarfs? They’re practically radioactive! Sheer nylon with a poodle applique. We prefer it around the neck, but we know it’ll look good around your pony too. Or even your wrist. We’re not picky. We just know that this scarf with your skirt would be peachy-keen no doubt!