Batman v Superman Batman Batarang – Size: ST – Polyester


Add this Batman v Superman Batman Batarang weapon to any Batman costume for a fierce look!

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It takes years of training to fully master the art of throwing a Batarang. Did you think that Bruce Wayne learned that kind of precision over night? Oh, no! Not a chance. He had to train day and night for many years to be able to toss those things like a sniper. But don’t worry. Everyone has to start somewhere! Even though you’ve already picked out the perfect Batman costume, you’re still going to need some intensive Batarang training and since you probably haven’t had much practice, we suggest using this toy one to start off!This Batman v Superman Batarang comes straight from Bruce Wayne’s secret stash to give you the perfect training weapon for your transformation into the Dark Knight. It’s made of a soft polyester material, so you can practice your toss without incurring any damage to yourself! It even has sound effects to help intimidate your foes. Just don’t go throwing it at Doomsday, since this thing won’t even leave a scratch on him!