Barbarian Viking Womens Costume – Size: M – Polyester


Only the most brave and valiant of women can be a shield maiden. So, get this exclusive Barbarian Viking Womens Costume and become the greatest shield maiden that ever lived!

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In today’s society, you’re supposed to be civil. You’re supposed to be a good girl and not cause any trouble. You’re certainly not supposed to start fights with other barbarians and you’re certainly not supposed to wield a giant battle axe on the field of battle to carve a path to Valhalla. You’re also not supposed to dress up like a Viking goddess who could make even the most stalwart Valkyrie feel inferior. Well, nuts to that!You could be living it up as the dangerous Norse warrior, wearing this totally ferocious Barbarian Viking costume for women, hacking and slashing through your foes like a whirlwind. Instead, you’re just letting yourself be chained up by the rules of society. Break free of them!This women’s costume comes with everything you need to become the fiercest warrior that the world has ever seen! It comes with a crimson red dress with faux fur around the shoulders and the skirt. Intricate patterns around the bust and skirt also add a nice Norse flavor to the outfit. The included belt is a faux leather material with a large gold-colored buckle in the middle. The ensemble also comes with a pair of faux leather gauntlets with fur accents. It also comes with a pair of matching boot cuffs to finish off the look. If you want to complete your transformation into an unbeatable Viking goddess, then be sure to add a helmet and some weapons to your costume. Your friends will be calling you Freyja in no time!