Archer Lana Kane Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Complete your Lana Kane look this Halloween with this exclusive Archer Lana Kane Wig.

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THE MISSION: FIND A SPY MANEA dossier is slapped on your desk by Mallory Archer outlining all the details of your next big espionage mission. Your careless spy partner (and on and off-again boyfriend, but we digress), Sterling K. Archer, won’t bother glancing at it so the pressure is on your shoulders to know all the facts of the mission. (As per usual!) Infiltrating the KGB to stop their evil schemes won’t be as difficult as deterring Archer from doing something stupid, but since your ISIS’s most observant and methodical agent, you’re the only woman for the job. At least, worrying about the status of your hair won’t be necessary because the officially licensed Lana Kane wig will ensure flawlessness whether the mission calls for fleeing from Russian spies on snowmobiles or a harrowing shootout with a slighted robot. (Ugh, not Barry again!)  DESIGN & DETAILSPerfectly recreating Lana’s favorite hairdo, the brunette wig features synthetic hair that flips outward at the shoulders. Her usual side-swept bangs are also represented and they perfectly frame the face. The hair is fastened onto a stretchy mesh cap with elastic edges for a comfortable and snug fit.WELCOME TO THE DANGER ZONECompletely transform into Agent Kane by pairing this wig with the white sweater dress costume (sold here) and a pair of silver hoop earrings for the complete sassy secret agent look. You’ll be officially ready to enter… the Danger Zone! (Did you really think we’d forget to make a Kenny Loggins reference? Noooooope.)