Angler Fish Adult Costume – Size: XL – Polyblend


You will be attracting all kinds of fish in the sea in this exclusive Angler Fish Adult Costume. This costume features a full angler fish costume with an attached antenna.

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From the DeepHorror movies are filled with terrifying creatures, but a lot of times they’re made up beings like aliens that want to steal your body, reanimated corpses that scour the Earth looking for flesh to eat or even killer doll that wields a butcher knife. Those are fine and good, but reality has plenty of inspiration when it comes to terror inducing creatures. Have you ever seen pictures of angler fish taken by marine biologists who have delved into the depths of the ocean? They should make a horror film about those hideous beasts. Why, we’re so fascinated by the creepy fish that we decided to make a costume based on the monstrous fish.Design & DetailsOur costume designers spent hours toiling away to capture the terrifying look of an angler fish. This costume for adults is what they came up with! The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has an attached hood. The hood is shaped like an angler fish mouth and, of course, the head features a big dangly appendage on the front to attract your helpless prey. A pair of fin-shaped gloves is also included to help complete the illusion.Angler Fish CostumeWhat will you do when you wear this deadly fish costume? Well, you could terrorize lonely little lagoons or you could try to trap small aquatic creatures with your new dangly doo-dad. You could even do battle with magical creatures like some kind of crazy zombie fish from some kind of magical land ruled by dragons! (Ignore that last part unless you’re a big fan of trading card games and MMOs…) Or, you could just go out and find someone wearing a clownfish costume and just give them a good scare, recreating a memorable scene from a certain children’s classic animated film! The possibilities are as deep as the waters this anglerfish here is found.