Adult Super Troopers Mustache and Sunglasses Kit – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Complete your Vermont State Trooper look with this Adult Super Troopers Mustache and Sunglasses Kit! Change your mustache look as fast as you can say ‘meow!’

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RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITYDid you know that the actors of Super Troopers got about as authentic as they could and ended up breaking laws to do so!?  After recognizing that iced tea didn’t have that satisfying slow-glug and texture of the real thing, they upgraded to downing actual syrup instead.Probably empowered by all that sugar, they then impersonated real police officers to stop traffic for a few of the scenes!  You might think that it was the power that went to their head, but realize the truth:  it was the might of the mustache! PRODUCT DETAILSWorking with the folks who know all the tricks of law enforcement comedy, our in-house designers have practically pulled the syrup strainers right off the Super Troopers’ faces to make you the highest quality gear imaginable.  Choose your favorite from Farva, Ramathorn, or Mack of the Trooper team and plant one of these flawless mustache options on your own amazing mug.  Coupled with our super cool sunglasses, you’ll be having some seriously cheeky and fun shenanigans. GROW A G.D. MUSTACHE! Even if you have some solid talent for growing a flavor saver, the facial styling of Super Troopers are a world all their own!  Save yourself the two-or-more weeks of avoiding shaving with these ‘staches designed after the crazy police comedy.