Adult Saw Billy Puppet Vacuform Mask – Size: ST – Plastic


The games have just begun when you wear this seriously creepy Billy the puppet mask.

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You know the saying don’t shoot the messenger. It’s a wonder all of Jigsaw’s victims didn’t keep that saying in mind and focus on the task at hand when they were trying to get out of their traps. Billy is simply a way of talking to the victims of these horrible puzzles. So while Adam may have destroyed the puppet but if he had simply gotten out of his apartment maybe he wouldn’t have ended up chained to a bathtub. If you’re puzzling over your Halloween costume this year you can be sure that this is one character that’s sure to creep out holiday revelers. All your need is a black suit, red Mary Janes, and a green bowler hat and you’ve got a costume for the books. Or you could simply wear the mask, Billy the puppet is undeniably creepy no matter what he’s wearing. Enjoy your costume, after all, the games have just begun.