Adult Riddler Costume – Size: XL


Batman has had enough of a break! It’s time to wear this Adult Riddler Costume, create a new evil scheme and then set out to terrorize Gotham City!

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You love puzzles dont you? Were not just talking about jigsaw puzzles, but complicated logic games and mystery stories; you just cant get enough of those who-done-its with what weapons and in what rooms?In fact, you love them so much that youre thinking about putting together your own mystery for others to solve. Well then, this costume would be perfect for you. You know who else loves to create elaborate puzzles for someone else to solve? Edward Nygma, better known as The Riddler, does! The only problem is that youll be making puzzles for Batman, the Worlds Greatest Detective himself, so youll have to be using your sharpest wits to keep two steps ahead of him at all times. With this Adult Riddler Costume, youll have all components of Nygmas classic look: the green blazer, the eye mask, and of course, the bright green Question Mark Hat. The only thing that doesnt come included is a grand plot to ultimately confuse and embarrass Batman. But were fairly certain you already have most of that in place.So, once you have this costume and youre wreaking havoc all over Gotham, make sure you dont give yourself away in a moment of arrogance, just like Nygma is known to do. Batman will be on you in a moment if you do, and then, its straight to Arkham for you. Be careful with your brilliance, is what were saying.